Cockeyed Optimist

November 24, 2016

Scripture Reading: Romans 13:11-14

Besides this, you know what time it is, how it is now the moment for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we became believers; the night is far gone, the day is near. Let us then lay aside the works of darkness and put on the armor of light
                                                  –Romans 13:11-12

I guess you might call me a cockeyed optimist*. This phrase in from the musical South Pacific which dealt with a time during World War II, in a place caught in the strife, and among a population dealing with racism. We too live in turbulent times. We fear fear itself in many ways. Our choice is to run and hide in our fear or accept this as our challenge to be a part of making all things new. I believe that with God’s help that is entirely within our grasp. I did not say it would be easy. It will require sacrifice; it will take all the best we have and then some.

A few more lines in the song further describe our dilemma:
I hear the human race Is fallin’ on its face
And hasn’t very far to go
But ev’ry whippoorwill
Is sellin’ me a bill,
And tellin’ me it just ain’t so*.

Advent is a wonderful time to take stock of our fears and any resulting negative thoughts or behaviors we might have. Do we love ourselves? If not, let God make us whole. Do we love all our neighbors as we love ourselves? If not, let God make us one. Do we see injustice in the world? If so, let God make us doers of justice. By Christmas Day, let God renew our hearts and minds readying us to assume our job in making all things new.

Prayer: Lord, walk with me each day during Advent as I examine myself. Help me see myself clearly and cleanse me where needed, preparing me for service to you. Amen.

*Line from the Song “A Cockeyed Optimist” from the Musical South Pacific composed by Richard Rodgers, with lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein. See at

All scriptures are quoted from the New Revised Standard Version Bible: Anglicized 
Edition, copyright 1989, 1995, Division of Christian Education of the National Council 
of Churches of Christ in the United States of American. Used by permission. All rights